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A Secret Joy To This Faith Of Ours

I stumbled upon something this morning in my coffee Not like happy-go-lucky joy or giddiness, but a joy that, with it, had peace and a feeling of being loved, like sincere love. Maybe it was more like entering, if just for a few moments, into the shalom of the Lord [For a look at some definitions for "Shalom" you can look here: or here:].

As I was in those moments, I felt, and still feel, how I wished others could know the peace, the joy, and goodness of knowing Jesus I feel now and have felt my entire time with him. I don't have a testimony where I remember the exact day and time when I first came to really "know" Christ. I do, however, remember that early in my relationship to Jesus that I felt that others really ought to know this feeling too. I instantly thought of all my friends in high school, who weren't apart of my church youth group, and how I kne…

Restoring Honor (Memory)

So I know there has been a lot going around about this topic since Glenn Beck's "Restore America's Honor" rally last Saturday upon the Lincoln Memorial, and I don't have any political stance to rant about from what took place or what was said, however I have a thought (or 2 or 3) about the phrase 'Restoring America's Honor."

What does that mean? At what time was America honorable? Are we so less honorable than, say, 10 years ago? Would this rally have taken place if a republican were in office? Would America be a "more honorable" place if G. Beck or some other republican were in office? What honor or glory are we thinking about returning to?

As this movement of "restoring" gets more and more tied up with Christians, more specifically, Uber-Conservative Righter than Right Republican Christian-ish Thinkers, I can't help but think they're talking about America getting back to the Bible. Is that really what the message is behi…