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Who Am I?

I am,
I am strong,
I am courageous.

I am a father,
I am a dad,
I am a son,
I am a man.

I am determined,
I am driven,
I am a self-starter.

I am fearless,
I am fearful,
I am a survivor,
I am a failure,
But I never quit,

I am hopeful,
I am committed,
I am scattered,
But I am centered.

I am a mess,
I am greater than the sum of my parts.

I am alive,
I feel everything,
I am here.

I am a success,
I have achieved many goals in my life.
I have made many mistakes too.

I am thick-headed,
I am self-conscious,
I am self-aware, too self-aware,
I am grounded,
I have grand visions and dreams.

I am full of energy,
So much energy,
I am full of passion,
So much passion,
I am full of breath,
So much breath,
I am full of life,
So much of life,
I am full of hope,
So much hope.

I have experienced pain,
So much pain,
I have been hurt,
So much hurt,
I have been betrayed,
Lied to,
Taken advantage of,
Had my heart broke,
Made to feel lesser than.
People take and they take and they t…