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At The Busiest Time

I give myself to the Lord.
I give myself to the Lord, 
Not because he needs it,
But because I do.
I need the Lord.

I need him,
I need to see like him,
He restores my sight, vision and perception.

I need to feel like him,
He gives me peace, patience and mercy.

I need to love like him.
I need to hear the things he only he can open my ears to.
I need him to feel right.
Life seems out of rhythm without my Lord.

He is the most important part of my day,
He is always the most important part of my day.
All time passes by too fast when I am with my Lord.

I must get back to the conversations we have day after day after day. 
There is something new everyday. 
It may not be exciting, but it is new. 
It may be harsh or too revealing,
It may be fresh, but never stale.
The Lord is living and his word is always relevant. 

Oh, the newness people could have if they made the Lord a commitment in their lives, daily.
What would happen?
What could happen? 
I wonder...

Best decision I ever made was to put the Lord first into what is …