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I won't apologize.

I know that you really don't know the other person. You gotta watch out for you, because you can't trust anyone. That's what conventional wisdom says. I hate that. I want to trust others. I often do. I will always error on the side of over trusting people. I always get burned though. Yeah...people suck. People can be friendly to your face, then say other things when you're not there. Say what you want, but I won't apologize. 
I'm loud. I'm sarcastic to the point of being offensive.  I'm friendly to the point that you might think I'm flirting (I'm not).  I'm honest. Very honest.  I say what I think.  I rarely care what others think.  I'm energetic.  I'm a little bit weird.  I don't take life too seriously.   I love most days like it'll be my last.  I drink.  I smoke cigars.  I like loud music. Everywhere all the time.  I like to dance.  I joke around.  I laugh lots.  I am involved in lots and lots of things.  I have too many irons in the fire.  …