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Father help me,
  I'm torn,
    So torn,
The beauty of this world

Hopeless wanderer,
  I'm a hopeless wanderer,
But you know this,
  You know,
    You know me.

You know all of me,
  Father of lights
    you know me.
I love that,
  It's freeing.
I don't want anyone to see,
  but with you it's different.
I feel you,
  you fill me.
    Fill me more.
    Fill me again.
    Fill me.
    Fill me up.

Turn my loneliness to solitude,
  My hostility to hospitality,
Set my ever wandering eyes
  to a gaze,
Turn my curiosity to contentment,
Turn my usefulness to useful.

I have gifts too,
I have value too,
I have worth,
Lord help me,
  Use me,

You are the Lord,
You are the Lord- Amen!