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Raise Children in the Way They Should Go

My son started kindergarten today. He is my oldest, and today, like most kids, he started school. He was so excited today (what a blessing for me), but there is also some apprehension within me. I believe it's natural for that fear to be there. Will he be ok? Will other kids be nice? Will he be bullied? Will he be scared? Will he get embarrassed? There are so many things that could happen, BUUUTTT, I can't really let that fear control me. I must breathe. Inhale. Exhale. 
Today my son starts a new school in a new place that we just moved to 3 weeks ago. Getting here (to NC) has been quite the faith journey and story. The Lord has been with us the whole way- in big ways and little. I believe he's with my son as well as the rest of the children in school. He's with all of us. He's near, so very near.
I was thinking, shortly after I dropped him off, about some of the great ironies of parenting. For instance, the first 0-6 years of life for a child are the most impression…