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The Advent of Advent

With the advent of Advent, the church calendar marks a change in season. We enter into a season of waiting, expectantly, for the arrival of the Messiah, the Christ child; Emmanuel, the Lord with us.

Outside, the leaves change and fall to the ground as the chill of winter settles in. Nature’s growth comes to a halt. We pull the sweaters out, and put the gloves on; we are zipped, buttoned and wrapped; ready for a new season.

As fall disappears and winter enters, we Christians also enter a new season. A season to pause in hope for the long-awaited Messiah - Christ our king, born from heaven, ushered in through Mary in a stable. We prepare for the Messiah that had long been prophesied about in the Scriptures, the Messiah, for whom the Jews had longed. It is a season of waiting and preparation.

Yet we live in a society that abhors waiting. Instant satisfaction is our mantra - fast food, 4G, DVR to fast forward through the commercials. Imagine a world where we go back to dial-up! And the sto…

Anchor of my soul.

Though my world may be in pieces, my morning coffee hour is my anchor. Everything and everyone changes. People come and go. Money comes and goes. Situations change for better or for worse, but my coffee is always warm and his spirit is with me.

BullCity Cigar Crew Chillin'

Just wanted to film a little something something.