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Something to Remember

Psalm 66:1-5 reads (in my ESV)

Shout for joy to God, all the earth;
sing the glory of his name;
give him glorious praise!

Say to God, "How awesome are your
So great is your power that your
enemies come cringing to you.
All the earth worships you
and sings praises to you;
they sing praises to your name."

I read this one morning and thought, "yeah, you're right. God is so great." It really lifted my spirits.

Every day is different. How I feel in the morning is not necessarily the way I'll feel in the evening. If something is good early in the day, it might not be later. The point is that things change. The Lord does not change though. I, because of my ever-changing moods and mentalities, need to be reminded of God's goodness, his very worthy and deserving goodness. The danger is in forgetting. I'm thankful scripture reminded me, yet again, to lift my eyes and heart to the Lord God of heaven and earth.

God has been good to me. Has he b…

Light in the "Dark"

I was reminded today about the importance of good Christian leaders. Most Christian people are not necessarily staff people in an official leadership job description, but rather, volunteers. Good Christian volunteers are so vital in the life of the Church. Volunteers are the vital necessity of any non-profit organizations, but especially the Church. In the early part of Matthew, the first book in the New Testament, we read about Jesus getting his ministry going after his baptism and temptation in the desert. The author, Matthew, writes:
When Jesus got word that John had been arrested, he returned to Galilee. He moved from his hometown, Nazareth, to the lakeside village Capernaum, nestled at the base of the Zebulun and Naphtali hills. This move completed Isaiah's sermon:  Land of Zebulun, land of Naphtali,        road to the sea, over Jordan,           Galilee, crossroads for the nations.     People sitting out their lives in the dark           saw a huge light;     Sitting in that dark, d…