April, 9, 2017

It's spring break, my family is gone and I am left behind.  They're in Florida at Disney World for their first time and I am in Raleigh...alone, like totally alone.  I wish I could there to experience what will be a life long memory for them (like all their first roller coasters). I'm glad that Liz keeps posting pictures, because I get to live vicariously through that and imagine their joy at the whole experience.

This is what separation feels like. They're having fun on spring break and I have to stay back and work at a job I do not want to be working. Welcome to my struggle of moving to a place without a job prospect and trying to start all over again. Such a romantic notion, but I didn't know it was going to be so tough, but it has been. I've made some great friends here (even more shallow social media relationships. People that just want to peep, but never ever wanting to engage in real life) and haven't regretted the move here. There's…

Another Page had Turned, A New Chapter has Begun.

Just wanted to give me friends and family an update. Felt like a blog post was more appropriate than a long Facebook status post. 

After 13 1/2 years of marriage Liz and I have decided to separate. Truth is, we separated for about a month or two earlier in 2016 to different rooms in the house and started separating our accounts even then. After long discussions and some change of heart we decided we didn't want to pursue that route and "moved back in" with each other right as the summer approached. We started seeing another counselor, our third, and put some serious effort back into our relationship, and we really meant to make it all work and thought we had both let issues, that we were both holding onto, go. We were doing fine, until we weren't. As some of you already know, none of this stuff just happens overnight. We went back into "separation mode" back in November and have been in separate rooms since. 

Very recently I moved out and currently live in a …

Find Sanctuary: Mending your soul.

Whether it's a chapel space, a coffee shop or a yoga mat- find your sanctuary. Tired, fighting a cold, Head a little heavy, It has been a long week, Chores need to be done, Finances are low, Need more sleep, But things need to get done. I am here.  Distracted, Sitting, Breathing, Sipping, Thinking, Worrying, Chest tightens, My vessels constrict, Why am I here?  My eyelids are heavy, I take a breathe. My lungs fill, My chest collapses.  I took a look around  and I settle in. I am here.  And here I rest. 
The coffee house chatter is loud, But I hear music. The choirs of angels singing. My shoulders relax. I can feel each and every breath. I am falling. Falling in a trance.  I come to you Father, again and again. You are my resting place, My sleep.

Cigars and Blogs: Best of the Bull Edition.

2 Things:

1. New AshWednesdays Vid is up

2. Bull City Cigars got the "Best of the Bull" award for August given out by local blogger Katelyn Phillips.

Check out the feature here: Best of the Bull

Cigar Etiquette 101: Don't be THAT guy.

There are just certain things to know about what to do and what not to do in a cigar lounge. Someone has got to speak the truth, right? #AshWednesdays.
Stay Ashy Friends!

Church Ideas that Must Die


This is an artile that I contributed in my church newsletter (I often write in the church newsletter. I find it's a great way to communicate ideas to my local context as well as establish myself a thought-leader). I just thought I should post it here. I don't usually do that, but I figured since I spent the time to write it then I should post it in other places as well. 
Smartphones iwhat n church. That’s I want.

I would love to see people snapping photos of churchy things and sharing them all over the World Wide Web. Hashtag the heck out of church (i.e. #JesusisRad or #Jesusismyhomeboy), choose whatever # you’d like.. Snap it, edit it, flip it, put a filter on it, tweet it, retweet it, post it, comment on it,  blog it, vlog it, review it, record it, check-in, pin it, do whatever you’d like but share, share, share! It’s 2015 people and this is the world we live in. We live in an iOS8 world, why do we need to preserve the Windows 95 experience for worship? We share everythi…

AshWednesdays: It's About Cigars.

Some people don't know this about me, but I have recently been sustaining a video series called "Ash Wednesdays." It's all about the cigars. 
Posted here is the latest video. 
It is a fascinating culture. I would love your comments. Heck, reach out and let's grab a stick and enjoy that together.
Peace be with you. 
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