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Find Sanctuary: Mending your soul.

Whether it's a chapel space, a coffee shop or a yoga mat- find your sanctuary. Tired, fighting a cold, Head a little heavy, It has been a long week, Chores need to be done, Finances are low, Need more sleep, But things need to get done. I am here.  Distracted, Sitting, Breathing, Sipping, Thinking, Worrying, Chest tightens, My vessels constrict, Why am I here?  My eyelids are heavy, I take a breathe. My lungs fill, My chest collapses.  I took a look around  and I settle in. I am here.  And here I rest. 
The coffee house chatter is loud, But I hear music. The choirs of angels singing. My shoulders relax. I can feel each and every breath. I am falling. Falling in a trance.  I come to you Father, again and again. You are my resting place, My sleep.