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April, 9, 2017

It's spring break, my family is gone and I am left behind.  They're in Florida at Disney World for their first time and I am in Raleigh...alone, like totally alone.  I wish I could there to experience what will be a life long memory for them (like all their first roller coasters). I'm glad that Liz keeps posting pictures, because I get to live vicariously through that and imagine their joy at the whole experience.

This is what separation feels like. They're having fun on spring break and I have to stay back and work at a job I do not want to be working. Welcome to my struggle of moving to a place without a job prospect and trying to start all over again. Such a romantic notion, but I didn't know it was going to be so tough, but it has been. I've made some great friends here (even more shallow social media relationships. People that just want to peep, but never ever wanting to engage in real life) and haven't regretted the move here. There's…