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GIve Me a Word...

I am,
I feel,
I am not.

"Come here"
You say,
"Sit and you may find"
I am reluctant,
But what good is there?
What will I gain?

I have other things to do,
Stuff I must attend to.
"What stuff is there?"
"What is so important?"

I do not know really,
I ask myself,
What is it?

What is this stirring within me?

I have things to do.
"Stop and come,
Come and receive a word."

Feel my breathe,
Aware of my surroundings
Read in,
Be still,

To sit here...
This is my delight.
To receive your words.
I want and desire to spend the rest of my life 
chasing after you.

In your midst,
In your presence I am lifted up
And others are too,
[Will, Charlie, David, Martha, Jay, Harold, Cindy, 
Jonathan, Sophia, Elizabeth, Brady, Annara, Rob,
Keith, Julie, Evan, Matt, Nicki, Beth, Jaime, Jeanette,
Meg, Joel, Erin, Gabby, Dan, Kyle].

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth
(Here, in my home, through me)
As it is in heaven...


My Coffee Time

This coffee stops me,
Gives me
Time with you.
My Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven,
Give us our daily bread,
Forgive us and keep us forgiving others,
May wisdom (the fear of the Lord) lead me
And keep me strong to temptation,
For thine is the kingdom,
The power,
And the glory now and forever.
Amen, Amen.

Hear O' Isreal,
The LORD our God,
The LORD is one,
You shall love him
With all your heart,
With all your soul,
With al your heart,
With your whole being.

And these words that I command you today
Shall be on your heart.

You shall...
Teach them
Talk of them
Bind them
Write them...

Remember them.

Knowing & Hearing

To know, 
To hear,

I know so much,
I know a lot about...
things, stuff,
Trivial pursuit.

Know, O' Isreal, 
The LORD our God,
The LORD is one.
That's not it.

Hear, O' Isreal....

I know a lot about God 
And religion,
But do I hear?
Do you hear a lot from God?

I know
 I'm loved,
But do
 I hear that?

I think I'm someone's friend,
But has anyone ever said it
That I may hear then know?

I know
Because I hear
And I hear
to know.

But how
Will I know
I hear?

Where I Am (6/16/11)

"Ava Maria" by Morten Lauridsen playing in my headphones,
Scripture texts at my side
Hustle n' Bustle,
Sitting and thinking,
Coming and going,
"Grande no foam triple white chocolate latte,"
"Kyrie Eleison, Christe eleison,"

Twitter feed,
Gloria in excelsis Deo. 
Sacred texts,
Internet clutter,

No! Wait.

I am here
Yet again,
It's a different day,
But my still as in days before
My coffee is warm and
The Lord is to be found.

His sacred word is in me,
Pregnant within me,
But that is not all.

The world is pregnant within me too.
The place where negative meets positive,
Ying and Yang,
Good and evil,
This is who I am,
This is how I exist,
This is where I am.

A Heart-Centered Prayer

I take time to breathe,
I listen,
I feel my heart,
My breathing is irregular,
I stop to feel it and feel it more,
It slows, 
I am creating space
for me to feel,
to hear,
to listen,
I'm transcended into a different place,
Invisible yet real,
very real.

I'm confronted with my own thoughts,
what's eating at me,
What's been keeping me away from this place,
I'm guilty.

What better love can ever be found?
How sweet a place as this can one ever enter into by their own means?
Why would I desire another place?
So quickly I am to be succumbed by the great whore of the world 
and I let myself to be swept up in her arms. 

There is no comfort there,
There is comfort here,
I feel my pulse, my lungs,
All my anxieties are leaving me,
My eyes well up,
And I am reminded yet again.

My life is not my own,
I want to give the light and life that you have given to me
to others,
I am guilty before you.
In your presence I feel
shame yet light,
dread yet warmth,
despair yet hope,
All of heaven and earth adore you,

"Speak to me" (A Prayer).

Give me a word!

All of creation and all that there is
Is from your very mouth,
Give me a word.

Into the chaos you spoke
And from that moment all of creation was born,
Speak into my chaos,
Give me a word.

Give a word to my fellow brothers, sisters, 
Mothers, fathers and to those around me 
Wandering in their own chaos,
Give them a word.

Your word is a lamp onto my feet
and a light unto my path.
-Psalm 119:105