Where I Am (6/16/11)

"Ava Maria" by Morten Lauridsen playing in my headphones,
Scripture texts at my side
Hustle n' Bustle,
Sitting and thinking,
Coming and going,
"Grande no foam triple white chocolate latte,"
"Kyrie Eleison, Christe eleison,"

Twitter feed,
Gloria in excelsis Deo. 
Sacred texts,
Internet clutter,

No! Wait.

I am here
Yet again,
It's a different day,
But my still as in days before
My coffee is warm and
The Lord is to be found.

His sacred word is in me,
Pregnant within me,
But that is not all.

The world is pregnant within me too.
The place where negative meets positive,
Ying and Yang,
Good and evil,
This is who I am,
This is how I exist,
This is where I am.


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