My Saga Continues (Come Along for the Ride)!

Seven seems to be a special number for me. I don't know why, but it is what it is.

After seven years with the Young Life organization in Libertyville, IL, I decided to just up and change everything. Libertyville will always be my first love, but people thought I was crazy. I had poured my heart into that place. I had great friends and everything, but I felt Lord stirring and so my wife and I decided to uproot and plant some place else- a place where we did not know. Unfortunately, our decision was not met positively. My friends and colleagues thought I was foolish and some were even angered with me. However, it was a decision heavily steeped in prayer. It was a hard decision, but Lord was moving within us and we were certain of that. 

The Lord led us to Midland, MI. I have a lot I could say about Midland, MI, but all in all, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Midland will always be a very important chapter in my life. We bought our 1st house, have had two wonderful children, met lifelong friends, got introduced to the Episcopal Church, and got involved in group fitness instructing. This place has been yet another outlet for the outpouring of my life. We've been here for seven years and now we're in that same place again.

We're leaving.

I started praying about this 3 years ago...hard. Again, this decision was heavily steeped in prayer and waiting. This too is another heart-wrenching decision, but the Lord is moving again and we know this for certain. This is a little different though, because our faith community is understanding and supportive. Their support is overwhelming. This place (St. John's Episcopal Church) is, as I have always said, the "best kept secret" in town.

Six months ago, I told our Rector (my supervisor too) that we were moving. He asked, "Where are you going?" "North Carolina," I replied. He asked all the appropriate questions, but I had no answers. We didn't have new jobs, a place to live and nothing else was figured out yet. Over some time more and more people heard of our decision to move, they all asked the same questions and we told them all (basically) the same thing, "I don't know. We don't have all the blanks filled in yet." My Christian friends sort of understand, but my non-church-going friends think I am on narcotics. Whatever. My wife and I decided to live this journey out loud and we know what the Lord is us that's all that has mattered.

One week before we moved out officially, we really didn't have much filled in yet. Doubt approached us and told to start worrying and freak out, but we wouldn't have it. "No! We will hold unwavering to the Lord's moving." We anticipated Doubt's arrival and so turning him away was not as hard to us. 

Today after much, much waiting, my wife got the job she has had set her heart's desire on. Hallelujah! We can move into the neighbor we have had our hearts on and she can again pursue what she has been wanting to do for a long time- teach high school English. Today changes everything, but we are not all that surprised-odd as it may seem. It has come down to the wire and the Lord has not delayed. Houston, we have lift off!

It's not all figured out, but we're getting there. I'm not worrying about tomorrow, there is a lot of time for that, but not today. Today is the culmination of a lot of prayer and waiting. Our saga continues. Follow along.

Peace be with you!


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