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This morning my wife and I decided to have some fun and sleep downstairs on our pull-out couch in order to wake up early and watch the pre-game glamour of William and Catherine’s Royal Wedding.  We weren’t total sellouts, I mean, who could get up at 4am to start watching?  We slept in a little bit longer and woke up at 5am instead (I can just hear you laughing at us right now). The Royal Wedding, I decided, could be likened to Britain's version of Superbowl Sunday for us. Just like an American to say a thing like that huh? Shows you how distinguished I am. However, the Royal Wedding is much, much bigger than any Superbowl Sunday (unless the Chicago Bears are in it) and much more special for the “royal” country. This morning, (April 29th) Twitter reported that “Proud to be British” was the leading and most trending comment and topic of the day. Pretty sweet, I think.

There’s a lot one could comment about on after watching that wedding: from the enormous amount of people lined up to …