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It's more than just about the coffee.

My morning coffee time is more than just the coffee.  It's about talking with The Lord. Listening. Being still. It's about a conversation. It's a conversation that we've been having for years. It's where The Lord reveals stuff to me. Not always, but quite a lot though. 
The seasons in my life have changed, they always change. The pages in my life's story have turned. I'm in a different chapter. The adventure is different. My struggles have changed, but so have my joys. My life is in a different place than it was 2 years ago. But...
I still wake up each morning, coffee is always warm and The Lord is still with me. He's there, he's always there. He never changes. He is always there, and that is why I continue to come. 
I come to coffee to talk with God. The brews change (some I like more than others), but God is always there. He never changes. 
I think about why sharing this is important to me. I guess because I want to share that the most valuable discipl…

Prayer Time

Sitting,             Settling,                          Stirring,                                       Wading,

Eyes tearing,
Hearting beating,
Nostrils flaring,

Body shifting,
                       Then stilling.

                             Eyes lifting,

I'm listening.

The world is moving (around me).

I'm breathing,
My chest, rising
       and falling.


I come in for coffee,  and like usual, the morning was going smooth. I got a great seat with not a lot of people nearby at a local Starbucks in downtown Raleigh. It just so happened I sat down next to the "wrong" guy. 
He was a nice and unalarming fellow. The moment I sat down he asks what I ordered. I told him, "The same thing I get every morning- just a cup of their bold drip coffee." He asks what a drip coffee is. I'm like "What!?!" So I tell him and he then asks what the difference is between that and Folgers. I almost slapped him in the face, but I withheld. So I responded to the gentleman's inquiry and told him that all coffees taste different because of different brewing methods, different roasters and different regions. He asks what the difference is between that and a latte. Alongside of that he asked me what a latte was.  For real dude!!! Like, you're sitting in a Starbucks asking me what a latte is. Are you alive? At that point, I …