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A Faith to Nowhere: Live Out Loud

Sometimes faith makes no sense. At the same time, faith doesn't always transcend experience and reason. God is reasonable, and sometimes, he is not. Right? It is definitely true that the Lord speaks to use through common sense and knowledge, but what happens when what you feel and hear make no logical sense? 

This is what has been happening to me and my family. But this post isn't about trying to make sense of it or trying to explain faith- this post is about my decision to LIVE OUT LOUD. 

When we began this journey to move I really didn't want to tell anyone. I just wanted to head out at the 11th hour and tell people once I had everything all figured out, but nothing went according to my plan. Looking back on it, I suppose the Lord did answer my prayer and have his way. People found out. Everyone found out it seemed. Random people my wife and I never really talked to came up to us and said, "so I hear you're moving." We were surprised at how fast the word had …

My Saga Continues (Come Along for the Ride)!

Seven seems to be a special number for me. I don't know why, but it is what it is.

After seven years with the Young Life organization in Libertyville, IL, I decided to just up and change everything. Libertyville will always be my first love, but people thought I was crazy. I had poured my heart into that place. I had great friends and everything, but I felt Lord stirring and so my wife and I decided to uproot and plant some place else- a place where we did not know. Unfortunately, our decision was not met positively. My friends and colleagues thought I was foolish and some were even angered with me. However, it was a decision heavily steeped in prayer. It was a hard decision, but Lord was moving within us and we were certain of that. 

The Lord led us to Midland, MI. I have a lot I could say about Midland, MI, but all in all, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Midland will always be a very important chapter in my life. We bought our 1st house, have had two wonderful children, m…

Your Faith is a "?"

This is my journey. I'd rather look back on the journey that I'm currently on and tell you all how crazy it all was, how I was scared and full of anxiety, how I didn't know what life would be like in a month from now, and how God made everything come together and it was great. I would like to, but that's not how I'm approaching this time in my life. I want to share a front seat 

It's all been so backwards. This is how we did it- we told our employers we're moving, we sold our house, we moved into a short-term lease apartment (oh, we move out a week from today, because out lease it up), and we have no jobs and no place to go. 

Usually it would go like this- Our employer is transferring or relocating us (so we know we have a job some place else), we start looking for a place to live, we have a definitely end date in mind, we move and we know where we're going. Thus, there's some security in mind. 

Why would we do this? (By the way, the "we" is …