A Faith to Nowhere: Live Out Loud

Sometimes faith makes no sense. At the same time, faith doesn't always transcend experience and reason. God is reasonable, and sometimes, he is not. Right? It is definitely true that the Lord speaks to use through common sense and knowledge, but what happens when what you feel and hear make no logical sense? 

This is what has been happening to me and my family. But this post isn't about trying to make sense of it or trying to explain faith- this post is about my decision to LIVE OUT LOUD. 

When we began this journey to move I really didn't want to tell anyone. I just wanted to head out at the 11th hour and tell people once I had everything all figured out, but nothing went according to my plan. Looking back on it, I suppose the Lord did answer my prayer and have his way. People found out. Everyone found out it seemed. Random people my wife and I never really talked to came up to us and said, "so I hear you're moving." We were surprised at how fast the word had traveled, but we shouldn't have been surprised- that is the way it is in Midland, MI. 

We had no answers really to why we were moving. "Have a new job Mike?" No. "Did Liz get a job?" No. "Do you have something lined up?" Not so much. "So why?" Because we prayed a lot and for a long time and we just know and feel it's time. We feel a great peace about what we want to do. 

You can probably imagine that there were people that thought we were crazy, very foolish even. Putting it all out there was scary because it meant that people knew and that we could fail and fall on our face. What if our "feelings" were misguided? We would look foolish. BUT...putting it all out there was a way for us to put God on display. A way to put our faith on display. 

I have known what God has been doing in my life and how he has been answering prayer after prayer. It has been awesome, surreal even. I've been so excited, but how do I tell anyone all that I've experienced in these last few years? No one wants to sit through that. This blog is my way. I wanted to put out my fears and challenges in "real-time" as my wife and I have been facing them, so people can ride (vicariously) along with us and see the Lord answering prayers and working too. That's what LIVE OUT LOUD means to me- put your faith on display. I'm so glad I did, because now some can see how God still moves and surrounds his children when they call out to him and God gets the glory. 

Sometimes faith makes no sense. Sometimes the picture looks like the one above- like it's going nowhere. We see it from one perspective and only some of the picture, but God sees the whole picture. Don't trust your picture. Trust God's picture. Amen?

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