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Peace and Chaos.

I'm in and out of chaos constantly.  Peace and chaos reside beside each other.  I have always run to my solace, My escape, From the chaotic, Peace, Calm, Chaos.
Always turning, Round and round, One chases the other.
They're like partners, Identical twins, Or close relatives. 
Together they dance,  Hand in each other's hand, They dance.

#DeadThingsCanLiveAgain (pt. I)

Religious Alert!!! 
Right now (as I write this) it's technically still Easter season. It's the last week in the 7th week of Easter. Next week, this coming Sunday kicks off Pentecost. I'm not going to get into any more religious technicalities than that, but for relevancy of this post, the timing matters. All this boils down to a point- Easter reminds us that dead things can come back to life again. #DeadThingsCanLiveAgain

6 years ago I started to pray. I was living in Michigan and each morning I would sit, have a cup of coffee and write. I was really praying. I called it: 20/20/20. 20 minutes of reading the Bible, 20 minutes of journalism and 20 minutes of reading something else. That was a manageable practice for me. Spending time with The Lord wasn't new to me, but spending money at Starbucks each morning to do so was. It's been a high priority discipline of mine ever since. That's a whole lot of coffee.

This is a story about a journey. It's a journey that s…