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Prayer for Palm Sunday

May the peace of The Lord be with you.

My Desert Madness!

Empty Space by Ann Hamilton
Can God meet you in the wilderness? Is God out in the desert places? Does God even prepare a table in the wilderness?

Sure, maybe, I just never want to wait around long enough to find out.

“The Desert” for the the Christian used to mean a literal desert, like the desert where the ancient Hebrew people had to wander.  Today, “desert” has taken on a more figurative meaning. What does a “spiritual desert” mean to you? I know that there are different meanings and interpretations for every single person out there. Sometimes “a desert place” can mean a time period of waiting, other times a literal geographic place of unfamiliarity, even other times it can mean a feeling of being lost - having no idea where to go or how to survive.

I can relate to all of those scenarios. I feel like I’m in a desert now, but this time it’s different. It’s longer; it feels more intense; I have no direction, no support; I feel totally alone with no clue how to get out or how long it w…