A Heart-Centered Prayer

I take time to breathe,
I listen,
I feel my heart,
My breathing is irregular,
I stop to feel it and feel it more,
It slows, 
I am creating space
for me to feel,
to hear,
to listen,
I'm transcended into a different place,
Invisible yet real,
very real.

I'm confronted with my own thoughts,
what's eating at me,
What's been keeping me away from this place,
I'm guilty.

What better love can ever be found?
How sweet a place as this can one ever enter into by their own means?
Why would I desire another place?
So quickly I am to be succumbed by the great whore of the world 
and I let myself to be swept up in her arms. 

There is no comfort there,
There is comfort here,
I feel my pulse, my lungs,
All my anxieties are leaving me,
My eyes well up,
And I am reminded yet again.

My life is not my own,
I want to give the light and life that you have given to me
to others,
I am guilty before you.
In your presence I feel
shame yet light,
dread yet warmth,
despair yet hope,
All of heaven and earth adore you,
All of heaven sings your praise,
The angels in beautiful chorus sing,
Sing, Sing, Sing,
Holy, Holy, Holy
is the Lord God Almighty.

I want to flee and remain here,
I feel my heart return 
and I'm back.


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