Memory #2

I would love one million dollars. Wouldn't you? How about 2 million or a fraction of the lottery pot?

What would you get if you had one million dollars today? How would life for you be different?

I'll never make a lot of money, but for some reason I always want a lot of money.  This got me thinking about why and what would be different. I wouldn't have to worry about college costs or footing the bill for the wedding when my daughter gets married. I could fix repairs around house without it being a strain on my bank account. We could go out to dinner lots and be generous tippers (and sort spread the wealth around). I could tithe more to my church without strain or budget concern. With lots of money we could just shop for things when we wanted to or needed to. I wouldn't want to get the nicest brand or anything like that, but I would want to stay practical and refrain from being frivolous.

If I had lots more money I wouldn't have to worry about overdraft fees or making sure I'm spending within my budget. I wouldn't have to be responsible. I wouldn't have to think about what I'm spending or withhold from the fun pleasure I get when I buy things that I want. I could just have fun and spend and live.

I'll never make lots of money and I have to keep reminding myself of this, but why? Why do I think money will solve things. I have read too many other accounts from others who, through their experiences, have found that, "Money did not solve anything. I still felt like I was missing something." How many times have you heard or seen that?

Dt. 5: 21 says to not covet my neighbors stuff (as well as his donkey :) I won't have trouble with that one). I confess that I covet. I want stuff I don't have. I don't want to live responsibly with what I have, I just want to live carelessly and know there's nothing to worry about.

It's not the "stuff" that's the problem; it's my eyes, but then what I want is what I have. I have peace in my home, laughter everyday, coffee, and affectionate times with my wife. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. The Lord has provided everything every time and I need to keep remembering this. I need to remember the truth and word of the Lord and not the bulls*%! that the world tells me.

You can have this world,
But give me Jesus.

May you too remember the truth of God's word that this "stuff" of the world can not feel for you or care about you the way the Lord does. And in response to remembering that truth may you feel moved to desire Christ more and obtain the peace that only he can offer.
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