Parable of the Ground Types

Luke 8: 4-15 has a lot to say. How do you read it, rather, how do you hear it?

"He who has hears, let him hear" (Lk. 8:8)

There are 4 different types of ground types described here by Jesus; the path, the rocks, the thorns, and good soil.

I'm a christian and have been for years, and I usually read this and instantly think of myself as a "good soil" type where the Word fell upon and reproduced "a hundred times more than what was sown."

A little arrogant maybe, especially as i actually write that thought out and read for myself.

But this afternoon I hear this word and I feel like a "thorny" type, because I can easily get caught up with  "life's worries, riches and pleasures."

So how do hear this word of God when you read it? Do you instantly read this and think that some people are Christians because of the type of ground they are? If that is the case, then do people have a choice in the "type" of person they are? Or is this not about that all? Is seeing and hearing the Word the main point?

If you are "thorny" like me or maybe different what do you need to hear so that you're cultivating and nurturing a good ground for the Lord's word? I'm not much a farmer or gardener, but I know that a good soil doesn't happen and then stay that way. A good soil is made and maintained with proper care.

The Word of the Lord,
Thanks be to God!
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