"Take care lest you forget the Lord, who brought you out of (Fill in the blank)....." Dt. 6:12 
[Like verses also found Dt. 4:9, 23 and 31)

What is your story? How has the Lord been gracious towards you? What mercies and goodness have you experienced? What stories of blessings or miracles do you have to share?

It seems to me that remembering the journey and story of our faith is what keeps us going. Remembering the love of the Lord towards us keeps us center. Remembering matters greatly. Knowing why we do what we do or why we believe what we believe comes back to memory or remembering
(or even re-memorying). It comes back to remembering how God spoke to us, remembering his touch in our lives, remembering the stories of our forefathers, remembering the goodness, remembering Christ's love for us, remembering that our sins have been washed away, remembering our hope, remembering life ever-lasting in the new kingdom of the Lord.

May we, who have such fickle minds, who also hear so many things and other "noise" in our day and culture, not forget the Lord, who brought us, who bought us with the blood, who has loved us, and who is near to us still.

May we remember the Lord's word to us to love him alone and love others. For the Lord, our God, is a consuming fire. a jealous God.
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