Pure Joy!

This is a picture that I have seen each day in the month of April (my wife made a wall calendar of our family). It's a picture of my son enjoying the warm weather.

I love this picture so much. I see the sun on my son's face. His smile is so big. He's soaking it all in. I can almost feel the warmth that he must be feeling too. The look on his face is pure delight. How refreshing! 

This picture speaks 10,000 things to me, but one of the overwhelming voices I hear is a voice reminding me to have joy. What have kind of day I might be having my son's smile is purity to me. It lifts me up too. 

As he looks up to the sun, it reminds me to also lift up my head too- "Lift up your head, set your gaze heavenward and let the light, glory and warmth of the Father fall upon you." 

It's just a picture, but to me it says so much more.

May the peace of the Lord be with you.

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