Some days are good, others are not.

In this place and in your presence I have experienced many things.

Joy, peace, love, tears, sadness, frustration, fright, dread, terror, burden, anger, intense fury, confusion, boredom, enlightenment, wonder, inspiration, dissapointment, anticipation, solace, anxiety, heartbreak, total loss, peace, comfort, counsel, confrontation, your voice, correction, your hand, your spirit, loneliness, your holiness, your grandeur, the voices of the angels in chorus singing, depression. 

There are good days and there are bad ones. 

Through plenty and want,
Sick and good health,
Summer and winter,
Rain or shine,
All things change. 
This life is cruel
And it can do quite a number on you. 

Through it all
My coffee is warm 
And you are with me. 

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