The Great Equalizer

A Cigar.

You ever smoke a cigar? I meet a lot of folks whom tell me that they enjoy a stick on occasion. And I get that. It's a special occasion and some folks treat themselves to the largest tobacco stick they can get their hands on, makes sense right? Right.

That said, I am a cigar smoker. Not the occasional smoker either, but "humo frecuentemente." As in, I enjoy sticks on the regular. And, while I am at it, let me take a few lines to say that smoking cigars IS NOT the same as smoking cigarettes. Not all smoking is created equal. Cigarettes are much worse than cigars as far as "junk"goes. They are cut with so much other fillers, impurities and other chemical garbage. Cigarettes taste different too. I have no intention on alienating cigarette smokers out there, but someone has to call a spade a spade. The two, cigars and cigarettes, are like comparing apples to oranges. Scratch that, because neither are healthy. Let's try that again. Maybe the comparison is more closely compared to bourbon and King Cobra (you know, the 40 oz. malt liquor drink). The bourbon, like the cigar, represents pure goodness, but not exactly healthy for you. The cigarettes would be like King Cobra, it's the king of junk liquor. End of my rant. Let's move on.

Smoking cigars.

If you "humo frecuentemente" like me, than you have probably enjoyed some time at a local cigar lounge with others, because you know that smoking is best optimized while smoking with others.

I have yet to be ceased of amazement while visiting a local cigar shop/lounge, because the same thing happens everywhere, all the time.

It goes like this, I grab a cigar, sit in the lounge, light it up and enjoy, and then I just sit and wait, listen and engage. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. It doesn't matter if you're black or white, brown or yellow. It doesn't matter if you're right or left, red or blue. It doesn't matter your politics, your religion or if you're rich or poor. You could be male or could be female, old or young. You could be an experienced aficiando or you may not be. All of it does not matter. What does matter is that you have a stick. If you have that, you're are part of the circle.

I've visited many cigar shops and lit up plenty of sticks around many a bonfire. I don't know why it is so, but it's the greatest equalizer. I have heard so many life stories and made some great friends along the way and all because we smoke cigars together. It's the only thing I know that cuts the socio-religio-politico-economic barriers like it does. Not even religion brings brings completely random people together like the cigar world does. The only communities that I can think of that might pull off something close would be beer drinkers or pot smokers.

It's a crazy bunch that meet to sit and smoke cigars. And sure, there are lots of disagreements that occur, but at the end of it all, it's all good, because...well...cigars. It mellows all of it. We disagree, but then we'll be back, because...well...cigars. It's the great equalizer. Maybe it's a better mediator. Maybe it's both. Whatever it is it just works. It works every single time.

I love all the "Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf." The whole thing isn't anything about being addicted to smoking. It's a community thing. It's a crew thing. It's about similar interests, It's about a time to lounge. It's about the conversations. Maybe it's an escape for some or it's a place of work for another, but whichever it is, it is always a treat.

Ironically, the whole cigar culture thing is smitten with an image. That's real and maybe it looks a little too pretentious to some. But really though, no one is going to cast anyone out due to the size (or lack thereof) of ones bank account. It's about what's in your hand, not your wallet.

It's just like what Digital Underground said, "All around the world, the same song."

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