Church Ideas that Must Die

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This is an artile that I contributed in my church newsletter (I often write in the church newsletter. I find it's a great way to communicate ideas to my local context as well as establish myself a thought-leader). I just thought I should post it here. I don't usually do that, but I figured since I spent the time to write it then I should post it in other places as well. 

Smartphones iwhat n church. That’s I want.

I would love to see people snapping photos of churchy things and sharing them all over the World Wide Web. Hashtag the heck out of church (i.e. #JesusisRad or #Jesusismyhomeboy), choose whatever # you’d like.. Snap it, edit it, flip it, put a filter on it, tweet it, retweet it, post it, comment on it,  blog it, vlog it, review it, record it, check-in, pin it, do whatever you’d like but share, share, share! It’s 2015 people and this is the world we live in. We live in an iOS8 world, why do we need to preserve the Windows 95 experience for worship? We share everything else that is special, wonderful and important to us; so why can’t we do that in church?

Smartphones are distracting you might say. Really?!?! Are you telling me everyone is paying attention and not thinking of anything else in those pews? Is there nothing else to be distracted by in church? What if, just what if, the use of smartphones in the congregation enhanced the worship experience? Think it might be possible?

Next time the preacher is preaching, whip out that phone. Maybe there’s something sweet in the sermon that you love and think some of your friends might think too. What if you’re kneeling at the altar with that host in your palm and before consuming it you look over and someone else is doing the same but focusing their camera phone taking a picture of it first? Would that be so bad? Would it really? It’s a beautiful, mysterious and often transcendent moment. Why wouldn’t someone want to not share that? Some of us are more introverted than others, I get that, but social media has shown us that even those people like to share, post, and blog.

What do you think? Think there are other ideas that need to die that impede progress in areas of faith and/or church?

Peace be with you!

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